Difference Between Genuine AC Adapter And Low Price Adapter.

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Why we should not use a low quality ac adapter?

1. Let us open an original ac adapter and a cheap (replacement) ac adapter:

We can see the original ac adapter have more Electronic devices fill the interior space. This can make sure a very clean and safe out put. But the are many parts missing in the replacement low quality adapter, that why low quality ac adapter is cheap, lighter, and dangerous.

2. Original ac adapter have many Safety standard certification, but replacement have very few.

3. Original have good heat dissipation structure,

4. Low quality ac adapter / charger Lead to many accidents.

5. Sample way to Judge a low quality ac adapter?

  • Very Cheap.
  • Few Safety standard certification.
  • Lighter than your original ac adapter.
  • It is beacome very hot when you use it after half an hour.
  • The laptop battery may not be chargered, or chargered slowly, or chargered very fast, not safe.
  • Laptop have many few small problem which can let us lost much.
  • Very short use life.

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