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We are a team focused on testing, selecting, collecting, various adapters, and power supplies. Has more than 10 years of experience in this field.

Electronic products have become ubiquitous, greatly facilitating our lives, but the electrical working environment of electronic components is very demanding. If you are not careful, you will have to repair them at a high price. High-quality, stable power supply is of great significance to extend the life of electronic products.

On the Internet, you may often buy inferior, counterfeit, substandard, unsafe, incompatible, and unsuitable power supplies. You also often waste a lot of time trying to find a certain power supply. Now you don’t need to worry. Our website lists more than 500 brands and nearly 3,000 power supplies, suitable for about 100,000 models, and this number is increasing every week.

1. Is the original power supply the best power supply?

  • Yes, most of the time it is the most suitable.
  • Sometimes you need to consider the aging of electronic components and the increase in required power. It is better to choose a power supply with the same brand, the same voltage output, the same interface, and a higher power.
  • The quality of branded power supply is definitely better than that of unlicensed power supply.
  • The more certified power supply is more stable and safer.

2. My ac adapter was lost, I don't know how to choose a correct one?

  • You can search machine model on our site
  • You can contact us by email, tell us the machine brand and model, our service will help you choose the correct one.

3. Can I get more discount?

  • Yes, if you whole sale more than 4 pics adapters.
  • Yes, if you are our VIP Customers.

4. They are many types ac adapter for my machine model, which one should I choose?

  • Try to choose the same brand and output as your original ac adapter, make sure it has the same tip size.
  • Try to choose top brand adapter with the same output and tip size.
  • Contact us, let us help you.

5. I have an ac adapter in my hand, but I can't find the same one in this site?

  • Just send us some pictures of your original ac adapter by email, so we can help you find it in our warehouse or the market.

6. Do you have a phone number?

  • We have listed phone number on site, but got too many telemarketing calls.
  • We suggest customer contact us by email, so we can reply your question one by one.

7. Order Delay:

  • When the product is out of stock or needs to be further checked for correct product information, we will temporarily hold your order and contact you.
  • We will use technology and big data to identify some orders that may buy the wrong product, but it is not our obligation to identify the wrong order, and consumers are responsible for their own mistakes.

8. Order Cancelation:

  • You can cancel the order before the package is sent. The sign of successful cancellation is the receipt of our ‘order has been cancelled’ email.
  • If the package has been sent and it has exceeded the scope of our company's interception of the package, you will have to bear the return shipping fee.
  • If the product is out of stock and cannot be restocked, we will actively cancel the order and refund the full cost.

9. Order Refund:

  • Papal refunds can be processed within 5 minutes after receiving your refund request.
  • Credit Cart refunds can be processed within 2 days after receiving your refund request.
  • Please make sure that you have reached an agreement with the customer service before refunding.

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If you have any other question from our website, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will reply to you in 24 hours., welcome to your order on our website.
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Our office hours are: Mon~ Fri 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
If you need have a live chat support, please click the online chat button on BST Mon -Fri 7:00~11:00. Ask question


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